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Be Ready! 5 Best Practices for Creating Inclusive Cultures

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Want to know what successful organizations are doing to create fully trans inclusive cultures? Check out Forbes’ recent article, “The Next Transgender Generation Isn’t Waiting To Get To Work,” to learn best practices being engaged in by Intuit, the software giant that created TurboTax and QuickBooks. Here are some highlights:

Have Courageous Conversations

Gender diverse people are here, in our workplaces, schools, healthcare practices and places of worship. Never-the-less, myths and misunderstandings about trans people still exist. That’s why it’s important to host events, like Intuit’s “Trans Summit,” to create opportunities for learning and for hearing the lived experiences of gender diverse people.

Set the Tone at the Top

The tone at the top impacts the mood in the middle and the buzz at the bottom. Intuit’s CEO, Sasan Goodarzi, obviously knows this, since he not only showed up to speak at the Trans Summit, but also sat in the audience to continue his own education. In his remarks, Goodarzi echoed what research has shown. “Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice. If we want to deliver great products, we have to have an environment where we have a diverse workforce and it’s an inclusive workforce. And by doing that, our employees will do great work. They’ll build great experiences for our customers. And it’s good for business.”

Leverage Your E/BRGS and Employee Networks

Intuit’s Trans Summit was organized by their LGBTQ+ ERG.

Listen to Your Own Gender Diverse People

Because Intuit created space, in this summit, to listen to their gender diverse employees, they learned other steps they need to take. Abigail Braceros, Intuit Global Pride Leader and Trans Summit Organizer, said, “Our health benefits are not as comprehensive as we thought. As we’re hearing from our trans and non-binary employees, what their experience has been like, it is not ideal. And we have obvious gaps.”

Fund Trans and Non-binary Inclusion Initiatives

Any initiative you are serious about will require funding. For this summit, Intuit flew in youth and parents from The GenderCool Project, a trans Gen Z led non-profit. The youth of GenderCool give people an opportunity to meet the future, in person. Fourteen year old Lia told Trans Summit attendees. “My advice to y’all in preparation for our generation to enter the workforce is: be ready!”

Contact TJWW for a free 30-minute consultation on how you can “Be ready!” to attract and retain gender diverse people in your organization.


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