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Inclusion matters

Inclusion matters.

We help organizations transform their cultures – for good! Find out the steps to creating your trans-inclusive culture with our free Cultural Transformation Roadmap.


Transgender inclusion is not a “do it yourself” project, or a box to check off once. Inclusion is a process of learning and becoming culturally immersed in new ways of interacting.

Transformation Journeys Worldwide educates organizations who are ready for greater understanding and inclusion. Our various clients are aware that they have a tremendous knowledge gap when it comes to their transgender employees, patients, students or congregants – and those who have transgender family members. While they may understand the importance of trans inclusion, they don’t always know where to begin.

That’s where Transformation Journeys Worldwide can help. With online and in-person training, consultations and keynotes, we help you have meaningful conversations that transform your culture – for good.

How We Help

Inclusion is a conversation. Let us help your organization find the right place to begin
– or continue – this vital dialogue today.



Meet a strong, successful transgender businesswoman. And then be inspired.

Embracing and living in our personal truth is a universal experience. Gabrielle Claiborne tells this shero’s journey from her own unique perspective that keeps audiences riveted while providing a deep understanding of what it means to find our own path to personal fulfillment, even in the face of tremendous challenge.

No one leaves one of her talks unmoved. She provides a raw and authentic look into the unconscious biases at work in our culture, the impact they have, and how we can overcome them together.

Transgender Training.png


Most people know very little about gender diverse individuals. Many organizations lack strategies for creating trans and non-binary inclusive cultures. That’s why transgender education is essential.

In our highly engaging trainings, we share cutting edge information and personal stories– all with a bit of humor that makes learning fun.

Our sessions are packed with practical tips for respectful daily interactions and organizational change that connects with both our audience’s hearts and minds, creating lasting transformation.

Transgender Consulting


During our trainings our audiences consistently experience a personal transformation in their understanding of transgender and non-binary individuals.

But personal transformation is just the first step. In order to create meaningful organizational change, companies must put in place trans-related policies and gender inclusive facilities, update operating systems, offer ongoing education and develop marketing, recruiting and community engagement strategies.

Transformation Journeys Worldwide has created a clear, easy-to-implement path to full inclusion. And we help our clients navigate these changes with confidence.

What Clients Are Saying

This counselors training was one of the best I have ever attended! The combination of research, information, video clips, discussion, and personal stories made the training highly engaging and effective. It was exceptionally balanced in presenting the clinical and experiential aspects of the trans person’s journey.  I highly recommend this for both clinicians and educators.
Transformation Journeys Square Graphic.png

Ellen Manuel, M.Ed, EdS   

School Counselor

Gwinnett County Public Schools

When Gabrielle and Linda present, the overriding feeling is that you are in capable hands. The obvious depth and breadth of their knowledge, specifically around the realities and challenges that face transgender individuals, their colleagues, and their clients, allows for an outstanding educational experience.
Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 2.35.24 PM.png

Orlando Bishop 


Align Performance

My church hosted Linda and Gabrielle and it was such a professional, moving and powerful presentation, helping folks understand, in a warm and welcoming way, the challenges transgender people face. The post-event chatter was so positive participants have continued to reference the workshop. We felt the Spirit move!
Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 2.36.48 PM.png

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Drakeford

Church of the Epiphany and St. Mark

Toronto, Canada

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