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LMS and Online Transgender Diversity Training

Best In-Class Trans Inclusion Training to Ensure Your Success.

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Our Training Transforms

We know you want to work respectfully with your gender diverse colleagues, clients, congregants, patients, students or volunteers – you just need to know how. That’s why our most popular offering is Trans 101, an interactive training that equips participants to understand and relate respectfully with transgender and non-binary people.

We know you also want to transform your environment into a fully inclusive culture—which requires steps far beyond Trans 101. To support you on this journey we offer a robust slate of industry-specific trainings that equip your organization to take the actions needed to ensure full trans inclusion.

Scroll to see how we can meet the unique needs of your specific organization.

Which Is Right For You?

Client Focus
Companies and Corporations.png

Companies and Corporations

How does your company support an employee through their gender transition in a way that avoids lawsuits, enhances team operations and company morale, and provides a platform to recruit and retain the best talent?

How does your corporation train employees to interact respectfully with gender diverse colleagues and customers to comply with federal law and improve sales and services?

Based on the needs of your organization, a training or ERG or BRG presentation could cover:

  • Best practices of trans and non-binary inclusive organizations

  • The business case for trans and non-binary inclusion

  • Respectful interactions with trans and non-binary people

  • Effective management of gender diverse teams

  • HRs role in supporting an employee’s gender transition

  • Personal stories from gender diverse people of various ethnicities

  • Combating the impact of racism on the trans and non-binary community

  • Best practices for recruiting gender diverse talent

Medical & Mental Health.png

Medical & Mental Health

Because medical schools and counseling programs are just beginning to teach students about caring for trans and non-binary patients and clients, you probably did not receive this training. Front office staff were not taught how to interact respectfully with gender diverse individuals. Back office personnel did not learn how to code billing so insurance benefits are paid in a timely manner.

To fill in these educational gaps, we offer a wide range of training opportunities specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your and your staff. We also provide training for the faculty and students of healthcare educational institutions so graduates are equipped to provide culturally competent care to trans and non-binary people.

Hospital staff members and administrators can leverage our consultations and trainings to ensure that your healthcare system is fully prepared to provide affirming care to the rapidly growing demographic of gender diverse people.



While many college and university students are comfortable with gender diversity, faculty and staff members often need training to increase their cultural competency with trans and non-binary colleagues and students.

Transformation Journeys Worldwide offers training tailored to meet the needs of your

  • Faculty and staff

  • Counselors and medical healthcare providers

  • Chaplains

  • Coaches and athletic department personnel

We also offer a special presentation for LGBTQ students and career counselors, Finding LGBTQ Affirming Workplaces. Training content is based on our team’s knowledge of best practices companies implement to create LGBTQ inclusive spaces and our connection to the National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.



Someone once asked, “Do we have to understand another person in order to love them?” On the one hand, the answer is “No, we can simply love everyone.” On the other hand, when it comes to interacting with trans and non-binary children, youth and adults, there are innocent mistakes people commonly make that result in gender diverse individuals feeling devalued and disrespected. These innocent mistakes can also leave the parent, family member, friend or spouse of a trans young person or adult feeling like they and their loved one are not welcome.

Transformation Journeys Worldwide’s co-founders are uniquely qualified to help people of faith create hospitable, affirming spaces for gender diverse people. Rev. Linda Herzer is an ordained minister and author of The Bible and the Transgender Experience: How Scripture Supports Gender Variance. Gabrielle Claiborne is a lifelong lay leader who has always had a deep connection to God. Together they empower congregations, faith leaders, denominational bodies and seminarians to truly extend the love of God to trans and non-binary children, youth, adults and their loved ones.

Nonprofit and Government.png

Non-profit and Government

Your nonprofit or government agency has many of the same needs as our business clients. Leadership needs to be equipped to implement best practices for creating trans and non-binary inclusive organizations. Everyone needs to know how to interact respectfully with trans and non-binary people. 

But you have unique needs as well. That’s why Transformation Journeys Worldwide offers training custom designed to address your specific requests. We start with the basics, then add whatever you need to make your organization thrive.

Training Platforms

Our Training Platforms

In-person Training.png

In-person Training

Our in person training is designed to create high engagement and active dialogue that fosters understanding.

Virtual Learning.png

Virtual Learning

All of our curriculum is available in accessible webinar formats, with built-in engagement to grow inclusivity, even for remote teams.

Micro-learning Modules.png

Micrlearning Modules

Our popular Trans 101 course is offered as microlearning modules in a video format.


Our Offerings and Curriculum


Trans 101: Understanding and Interacting Respectfully
with Transgender and Non-binary People

90-minutes – our most popular traininghighly recommended for all audiences

GOAL: To provide participants with a foundational understanding of trans and non-binary people and the skills needed to interact respectfully with gender diverse individuals

Through this training participants will:

  • Discover unconscious cultural assumptions about gender, and how they impact our understanding of and comfort around trans and non-binary people

  • Develop understanding of gender diverse people by learning about gender-related terms (gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, intersex, sexual orientation) and various gender identities (cisgender, transgender, non-binary)

  • Develop empathy by meeting trans and non-binary people of all ages and ethnicities, and their families, through brief video clips and trainer’s personal story

  • Understand the 3 aspects of transitioning (social, legal and physical)

  • Recognize the impact of racism on the trans and non-binary community

  • Be equipped to interact respectfully with gender diverse people; learn about pronouns, offensive terms/actions to avoid, respectful words to use and more

NOTE: Trans 101 is a prerequisite for the next four trainings listed.

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Trans 202: The Business Case and Best Practices for
Creating Trans and Non-binary Inclusive Cultures

  • Talent acquisition

  • Communications

  • Health Benefits

  • Role of LGBTQ E/BRGs

  • Community involvement

  • Supplier Diversity

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60 minutes – Prerequisite: Trans 101

GOAL: To equip your organization’s leadership to implement actions steps throughout your company to create a federally compliant and inclusive culture for gender diverse employees.

Through this interactive training leaders will learn how to implement best practices to avoid discrimination and attract and retain top trans and non-binary talent, volunteers, their allies and loved ones as these best practices relate to:

  • Policies

  • Learning & Development

  • Facilities

  • Marketing

  • Research & Development

  • IT & Operational Systems

Trans 202

Empowering the Present by Learning from the Past: The History of the LGBTQ+ Civil Rights Movement

90 minutes – No prerequisite

GOAL: To encourage people in their work for LGBTQ+ rights by providing knowledge of past challenges and an understanding of the successful strategies that led to victories.

Through this interactive presentation participants will: 

  • Develop understanding of the LGBTQ+ Civil Rights movement in the USA from the 1940s to the present

  • Be informed about how the interplay between the three branches of the federal government and state governments impact LGBTQ+ rights

  • Recognize the similarities between past and present challenges to LGBTQ+ rights, and understand the strategies used successfully in the past—and potentially in the present—to secure victories

  • Be equipped to connect with organizations that can inform and enhance their individual efforts to achieve LGBTQ+ equality

Learn about:

  • The Lavender Scare

  • Compton’s Cafeteria and Stonewall

  • The fight to get “homosexuality” removed from the APA’s list of mental disorders

  • The Reagan Administration’s refusal to address the AIDS epidemic

  • How the internet incubated the growth of transgender activists

  • Fractures within the community, how they were mended, and lessons learned

  • And much, much more!

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HR’s Responsibilities in a Gender Diverse Employee’s
Hiring, Retention or Transition

90 minutes – Prerequisite: Trans 101 

GOAL: To equip HR personnel with skills and knowledge to successfully recruit and retain gender diverse individuals and to respectfully support an employee’s transition.

As a result of attending this training, HR personnel will:

  • Understand the importance of developing Gender Transition Guidelines, what should be included in these Guidelines and how they differ from an Individual Transition Plan

  • Understand the healthcare benefits challenges experienced by gender diverse employees and how to address them

  • Learn best practices to be an employer of choice for the rapidly growing trans and non-binary demographic

  • Be equipped to respond to questions or concerns from internal employees and external clients

  • Know how to recognize and address microaggressions against trans and non-binary employees

  • Experience a role play of an initial conversation with an employee about their upcoming gender transition

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HR Role

Successfully Recruiting Gender Diverse Employees

90 minutes – Prerequisite: Trans 101

GOAL: To equip recruiters to find and attract gender diverse applicants and successfully navigate them through the hiring process.

Through this interactive training talent acquisition team members will:

  • Understand their own cultural assumptions about gender and how to mitigate the impact of cultural conditioning as it relates to gender diverse applicants

  • Know where to find highly qualified trans and non-binary job applicants

  • Understand how to attract gender diverse applicants at career fairs and online

  • Learn how to navigate inconsistencies within an applicant’s legal documents and/or their gender expression

  • Know how to remove other barriers to employment for gender diverse job seekers

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Gender diverse teams

Moving from Allies to Advocates 

60 minutes – Recommended for organizations that have already had basic training on gender diversity.

GOAL: To equip individuals to be not only good allies, but also strong advocates for trans, gender nonconforming and non-binary people.

Through this interactive training participants will: 

  • Reinforce their understanding of various gender identities (cis, trans, non-binary, etc.)

  • Be equipped to move from allyship to advocacy as individuals when it comes to

    • Explaining how and why to use pronouns respectfully

    • Acknowledging a colleague’s transition and welcoming gender diverse team members

    • Mentoring and sponsoring gender diverse colleagues

    • Educating themselves and others

    • Avoiding and helping others avoid microaggressions 

    • Partnering with local and national advocacy organizations to protect and promote the rights of trans and gender expansive (TGX) people

    • Helping their organization create a more inclusive culture for TGX people and their loved ones

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Intersectionality Within the Trans and Gender Expansive Community: A Panel Discussion

60 minutes – No prerequisites

GOAL: Attendees will understand the diversity within the trans and gender non-conforming community and be equipped to be strong allies for gender diverse people.

FORMAT: TJWW co-founder Gabrielle Claiborne moderates and provides 10 minutes of education regarding various gender identities, followed by a 35-minute panel discussion and 15 minutes of Q&A.

The panel may include:

  • A trans man and a trans woman

  • A trans person of color

  • A non-binary or genderqueer person

Panelists will share:

  • An excerpt of their journey, especially as it relates to their personal intersections

  • What attendees can do to be good allies

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Intersectionality Panel iscussion

The Joys and Challenges of Being Non-binary: A Panel Discussion

60 minutes – No prerequisites

RATIONALE: In June of 2021, the Williams Institute reported that approximately 1.2 million Americans identify as non-binary, that is, as neither men nor women, or as some combination of both. In a 2018 survey of LGBT people in the UK, more respondents identified as non-binary than as trans men or trans women. To be employers of choice, you must create cultures of belonging for non-binary employees.

GOAL: Attendees will 

  • Develop empathy for the lived experiences of non-binary people

  • Understand the rich diversity within the non-binary community

  • Learn how to use pronouns respectfully and why pronouns matter

  • Realize things they have in common with non-binary people

FORMAT: TJWW co-founder Gabrielle Claiborne moderates and provides 10 minutes of education regarding non-binary gender identities, followed by a 35-minute panel discussion with non-binary panelists of different ages and ethnicities. The session wraps up with 15 minutes of Q&A.

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Build Your E/BRGs Impact by Bolstering Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion

90 minutes – Prerequisite: Trans 101

GOAL: To equip LGBTQ+ and ally leaders to increase their E/BRGs organizational impact by bolstering trans and non-binary inclusion

Through this interactive training LGBTQ+ E/BRG Leaders will learn how to:

  • Increase your E/BRGs funding and stretch your budget dollars

  • Celebrate annual TGNC-related observances

  • Create mutually beneficial collaborations with other E/BRGs

  • Provide a wide variety of educational opportunities

  • Develop strategic relationships within your organization

  • Influence policies, marketing, communications, product development and talent acquisition

  • Measure and share your successes

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Spiritual Tracks

Trainings for Faith Communities and Spiritual Leaders

Our team provides a variety of learning opportunities for people of faith. Offerings include the following components that can be combined and tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Trans 101: Understanding and Interacting Respectfully with Trans and Non-Binary People – a prerequisite for the following components (60-90 min.)

  • Understanding trans and non-binary children and youth (25 min.)

  • What the Bible says in support of gender diverse people (45 min.)

  • Three theological perspectives on gender diversity (25 min.)

  • Creating trans affirming faith communities (30-40 min.)

  • Providing pastoral care to gender diverse children, youth and adults, and their loved ones (2 hours)

  • The impact of racism on the trans and gender non-conforming community (60 min.)

TJWW co-founders Rev. Linda Herzer and Gabrielle Claiborne also deliver a powerful sermon, “And the Scales Fell from Their Eyes”, sharing how they came to understand what scripture says about gender diverse people. Or invite them to facilitate “Embrace Your Truth”, a 3-hour interactive workshop exploring steps each of us can take to fulfill our divine purpose by embracing all that God created us to be.

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Education Tracks

Trainings for Colleges and Universities

Training tailored to meet the specific needs of your campus personnel typically includes components of our Trans 101 Training along with material relevant to:

  • Faculty and staff – navigating class rolls and student records; the importance of pronouns, showing support and continuing your own education

  • Counselors and medical healthcare providers

  • Chaplains

  • Coaches and athletic department personnel – Compliance matters, addressing questions and concerns, locker room policies, supporting gender diverse athletes

  • Career Counselors and LGBTQ students  – Finding LGBTQ Affirming Workplaces   This unique learning opportunity empowers LGBTQ job seekers to set themselves up for success and identify inclusive companies where they can bring their whole selves to work. Content includes:

    • What to look for on a company’s website—and the red flags

    • Questions to ask in an interview or at career fairs

    • How to market yourself as an LGBTQ perspective employee

    • The benefits of LGBTQ Employee or Business Resource Groups

    • How to leverage LGBTQ community support to advance your career or start your own business

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Medical Professionals

Cultural Competency Training for Medical and Mental Healthcare Professionals

Based on your specific needs, cultural competency training for medical or mental healthcare administrators, faculty, students, providers or staff could include components of our Trans 101 Training along with:

  • Meeting the unique needs of trans and non-binary patients and clients  

  • Coding claims so insurance companies will pay benefits

  • The impact of discrimination on gender diverse people’s physical and mental health

  • Health disparities within the trans and non-binary community

  • Creating and marketing trans affirming practices or healthcare systems

  • Gender affirming protocols for trans children and youth

In collaboration with the directors of Sage Counseling Center, Transformation Journeys Worldwide also offers an LCPA of Georgia certified training, Providing Ethical Care for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Clients.

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Non-profit & Gov't

Training for Nonprofits and Government Agencies

As service providers, employers and/or volunteer recruiters your nonprofit or government agency will benefit from a variety of trainings tailored to meet your unique needs. Trainings can address:

For LGBTQ non-profits we also offer “Making Your Organization More Trans Friendly.” This training outlines specific strategies for increasing the involvement of trans and non-binary people in your organization.

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