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Book Gabrielle For Your Next Event, and Transform Your Culture For Good!

Insights from Gabrielle
1. Unleash the courage within you
2. Step into your ever-evolving authenticity
3. Connect with your purpose
4. Handle pushback with confidence
5. Be compassionate with yourself – and those around you​

Benefits of Working with Gabrielle
1. Equip leaders to navigate all circumstances with integrity
2. Create a collaborative, productive, and innovative culture
3. Reduce absenteeism and nurture healthier individuals
4. Develop better alignment between organization and individual

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Popular Speaking Topics Include

Beyond Authenticity: Embracing the Journey...Not the Destination

Learn how Gabrielle embraced what she believed to be her full authenticity, only to discover it was just one aspect of her true self. Follow her journey from embracing her transgender identity to living her evolving purpose. Gabrielle demonstrates paths to fulfillment, joy, purpose, focus, and even productivity for everyone. She addresses the universal fears of censure, failure, loneliness and unworthiness with compassion and realism. Using her personal experience of stepping into authenticity in the face of ridicule and rejection, Gabrielle provides inspiration and hope for anyone bold enough to continue their own journey into authenticity.

Embrace Your Truth

There’s something waiting to be birthed in you right now. Using examples from her personal journey, Gabrielle outlines the universal steps we all must take to bring forth our unique truths – for our own happiness and the healing of our world. Drawing on stories of overcoming obstacles and challenges, Gabrielle shares the necessity of listening to your heart, loving yourself, and persevering through pushback. She provides powerful examples of how making peace with your past and forgiving both yourself and others can be portals to living a purposeful life.

Gabrielle Claiborne Embrace Your Truth Book.png

Are You Ready to Embrace Your Truth?

In this “memoir meets self-help” book, Transformation Journeys Worldwide co-founder Gabrielle Claiborne shares insights into what it took for her to embrace her authenticity as a trans woman, and invites readers to embrace new facets of their own unique truths—whatever those look like for them.

What Clients Are Saying About Gabrielle

Through Gabrielle’s incredible courage, strength of character and highly effective delivery style, she reached our audience on a human and emotional level while being sensitive to our corporate environment.

Emily Schur
Senior Vice President, Global Talent
Sun Life Financial

Gabrielle’s willingness and ability to share her own story elevates the experience from educational to transformational. With humor and heart, she provides insight into her own exploration and understanding of a dimension of identity that many of us take for granted, leaving us with some answers, but more importantly, with an openness to new questions.

Orlando Bishop
Align Performance

Captivating speaker! From the moment she took the stage, drawing us into her unique and inspiring story, Gabrielle engaged the audience by demonstrating how to apply her insights for living authentically to our own lives. Compelling and motivating, she brings an important message that activates employee engagement and inspires workplace innovation. Kind and giving, she spent time with attendees after the session, answering questions and offering encouragement. The buzz about Gabrielle and her talk continued long after the event!

Jeffery Tobias

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