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Let's talk about trans matters.

We help organizations comfortably engage in the courageous
conversations needed to create fully trans-inclusive cultures.

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Gabrielle Claiborne


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Linda Herzer


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Dionne Kettl


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Dalia Kinsey

Strategic Alliance Partner
name/no pronouns


Gabrielle Claiborne is a dynamic trans woman and sought-after speaker with a history of managing successful businesses. Linda Herzer is a seasoned trainer, ordained minister and author. Dionne Kettl is an engaging presenter and insightful HR specialist experienced at developing equitable spaces for all.

Together they have built a uniquely powerful consultancy dedicated to supporting organizations in creating cultures that benefit from the inclusion of trans and non-binary people of diverse races, and their loved ones. Transformation Journeys Worldwide is now leading the way in this vital conversation with a growing demographic.

Gabrielle’s successful business background and personal story of transformation, and Linda’s understanding of adult learning and what it takes to be an ally, combined with Dionne’s HR expertise and insights as a trans person of color has resulted in awards and recognition from organizations as diverse as the Atlanta Hawks, the U.S. Small Business Administration, Forbes, Emory University, the Georgia Diversity Council, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and both the National and Georgia LGBT Chambers of Commerce.

To support you in the midst of the Great Resignation and the Great Migration, the TJWW team has welcomed Dalia Kinsey, RD, as our strategic alliance partner. Dalia’s expertise as a Registered Dietician, author, speaker and wellness expert, coupled with Dalia’s insights as a queer, non-binary person, uniquely qualify Dalia to help organizations keep their employees and keep them well-physically and mentally.




We work with our clients to understand current needs and areas for growth specific to their organization’s goals.

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Facilities Management.png

Policy Development


Facilities Update

Although bias cannot be regulated out of existence, organizations can create a framework that fosters inclusion.

Online or in-person, we train all levels of an organization – from executives to new hires – how to interact respectfully with trans people.

Inclusion is more than a nice idea. It requires a physical environment that embodies it. We show our clients how to do this effectively.

Community Engagement.png

Community Engagement

Full inclusion reaches beyond the organization to touch suppliers and customers. We help develop key initiatives for a comprehensive solution.


Support organizations with a customized, comprehensive solution for creating fully trans-inclusive cultures.


Corporate Clients.png


Corporations are demonstrating the vital importance of inclusive cultures for engagement, productivity, and profit.

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Education Clients.png


Non-Profit & Government


Understanding the unique needs of an individual is critical for successful healthcare teams and their patient outcomes. 

Both non-profit and governmental entities are evolving to reflect the groups they support and serve.

Educational institutions are embracing their unique ability to uncover and shift unconscious biases among both students and staff.

Spiritual Clients.png


From traditional churches to festivals , our spiritual clients are building inclusive communities which better serve a diverse group of people.

What Clients Are Saying

Thank you so much, Gabrielle and Linda, for the presentation on Trans Workplace Inclusion. You educated our leadership on a very sensitive subject with real-life experiences, statistics and humor. Your professionalism, courage, and openness helped enlighten us to the many and varied ways in which we are different and alike, and you re-emphasized the need to treat everyone in the workplace (and in the world) with respect.

Donna Denman.png

Donna Denman

Director of Agency and Learning

Goodwill of North Georgia

We partnered with Transformation Journeys Worldwide to host a Transgender Student Health Symposium. Gabrielle and Linda are outstanding professionals who were a dream to work with. From helping us craft a vision for the event to delivering engaging and informative trainings, they worked with us to determine our needs and devise solutions for addressing them every step of the way.
Aby Parsons.png

Aby Parsons


LGBTQIA Resource Center, Georgia Tech

Gabrielle and Linda are exceptional trainers. Linda’s attention to detail resulted in a trans and non-binary inclusion training that was specific to the needs we have in this law school. Gabrielle’s openness in sharing her own story allowed out community of faculty, staff and students to feel a sense of ease in engaging in a conversation that allowed us to learn how to be better advocates and foster an inclusive environment. Together, this team has a synergy that made a two-hour workshop feel like a chat with friends.
Danielle Boardley.png

Danielle Boardley

Director of Administrations and Diversity Initiatives

Drexel University’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law

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