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About Us

Transformation Journeys Worldwide helps leading edge organizations who are ready to initiate courageous conversations about trans people, overcome their lack of knowledge about how to interact respectfully, and engage in best practices that fuel the fully inclusive environments that create optimal growth.

With cutting edge transgender inclusion training and consulting, we establish awareness and support for a rapidly growing demographic. As a result, your entire organization benefits.

“We help our clients build understanding that transforms cultures for good.”

Our Services


Meet a strong, successful transgender businesswoman. Then be inspired and informed by her powerful story and practical insights.

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Transgender education is essential. Our training deepens understanding of how to work together respectfully and transform your organization into a fully trans inclusive culture.

Transgender Consulting


Transgender inclusion requires leadership have clear understanding, a strategy and a plan. We give you all three.

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Get your Gender Transition Guidelines Template

We always say, "It's not if you're going to have an employee who transitions, it's when." That's why you need to know how to make the process inclusive and supportive for everyone involved. Our guidelines template is simple, easy to understand and implement, and full of opportunities to customize it to your organization.

Gabrielle Claiborne Embrace Your Truth Book.png

Are You Ready to Embrace Your Truth?

In this “memoir meets self-help” book, Transformation Journeys Worldwide co-founder Gabrielle Claiborne shares insights into what it took for her to embrace her authenticity as a trans woman, and invites readers to embrace new facets of their own unique truths—whatever those look like for them.


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Corporations are demonstrating the vital importance of inclusive cultures for engagement, productivity, and profit.

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Non-Profit & Government


Understanding the unique needs of an individual is critical for successful healthcare teams and their patient outcomes. 

Both non-profit and governmental entities are evolving to reflect the groups they support and serve.

Educational institutions are embracing their unique ability to uncover and shift unconscious biases among both students and staff.

Spiritual Clients.png


From traditional churches to festivals , our spiritual clients are building inclusive communities which better serve a diverse group of people.

What Clients Are Saying

UPS’s LGBT & Allies Business Resource group has hosted Transformation Journeys Worldwide at its global headquarters for several highly impactful educational series. Some of what we learned is evidenced in the gender-neutral dress code UPS recently modified for our 528,000 employees around the world. TJWW is a valued business partner for organizations looking to advance trans and non-binary inclusion.

Susan Schmidkofer

Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion


Gabrielle Claiborne and Linda Herzer are gifted trainers with genuine talent for presenting factual information in a fun and interactive manner that touches hearts and minds. They implemented a moving and engaging educational seminar for public health researchers here at the CDC. Collaborating with Linda and Gabrielle to plan this educational seminar was a delightfully smooth experience.
Greg Bautista.png

Greg Bautista, MPH

Health Scientist

Centers for Disease Control

The business resource group I co-lead had the opportunity to have Gabrielle and Linda present their program “How to be a Good Trans Ally at Work and in the World” and it was wonderful. They shared helpful information outlining the experiences of trans children, youth and adults and how people in the healthcare field can more effectively support them. Super-professional, detail-oriented and fun to work with.
William Acosta.png

Will Acosta

Human Resources Business Partner

Kaiser Permanente

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