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Authenticity Changes Everything!


The Myths and Magic of Authentic Leadership
Gabrielle unpacks key attributes you need to be an authentic leader who inspires trust and belonging, creating inclusive and innovative teams who provide world-class products or services—which positively impacts bottom lines and makes you an irreplaceable asset to your organization.

Embrace Your Truth – Change Your World
New facets of your best life are waiting to emerge right now. Using examples from her personal journey, Gabrielle outlines the universal steps we must all take to bring forth our unique truths – for our own happiness and for the well-being of our families, our workplaces, and our world.

Expanding Gender Equity to Include ALL Women
Gender equity is seldom considered beyond the lens of straight, white, cisgender women. As a result, many LBTQ+ women—especially LBTQ+ women of color—are being left behind. In this keynote, Gabrielle shares perspectives on how everyone can benefit from expanding gender equity to include all women and offers practical steps to take to make the sisterhood more inclusive.

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