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Transgender Terms, Definitions and Proper Usage


A transgender glossary, a ‘preferred and problematic’ words chart and a list of defamatory words. From GLAAD.

Trans-related definitions, including explanations of various non-binary gender identities. From TSER.

How to Be Human: Talking to People Who Are Transgender or Nonbinary.Six great tips for conversing respectfully, from the experts at

Using Pronouns Respectfully. This website offers great information on the “how and why” of using pronouns respectfully. It also includes brief videos about respectful pronoun usage, along with links to global trans advocacy organizations.

Why Gender Pronouns Matter. A 15-min. TEDx Talk by Mala Matacin, Phd.

GLADD Media Reference Guide – Excellent guidelines for using language relating to the entire LGBTQ community. Includes helpful section on writing about trans and non-binary people and an extensive list of national agencies providing various resources and support for LGBTQ people.

How to Use Gender-Neutral Language, and Why It’s Important to Try. From Forbes.

A guide to how gender-neutral language is developing around the world.  From the Washington Post.

Gender and Language. An in-depth look at how gender diversity is impacting languages across the globe. From Reuters.

Guidelines for Using Gender-neutral Language. The APA’s Style Guidelines for using bias-free language in regards to gender.

Statement on Gender and Language. Guidelines and rationale for using gender-neutral language from the National Council of Teachers of English.

Other Helpful Links From Us

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